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Emergency call

POLICE : 110


English speaking operator available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


  • Doctors

You can find a list of French and English speaking doctors on the website of the French Embassy. More information here
The US Embassy also provides a list of doctors and hospitals with english speaking staff in Tokyo and surroundings. More information here

  • Doctors around campus

For any medical issue, you can make an appointement at the Komaba Health Center (Campus 1) which gathers several doctors for general medical issues, neuropsychiatry, orthopedics, dentistry and dermatology. Their fee is cheaper than other medical centers. At least one doctor speaks english.

All services are available for emergencies from 9:00 to 17:00.

Around campus, this private medical center at Yoyogiuehara station has english speaking staff :

  • Hospitals 

This is a list of hospitals in Meguro around Komaba campus. For hospitals located in another district, please check the hospital search tool of Tokyo Metropolitan Medical Institutions website.

Toho University Osahi Medical Center

2-17-6 Osahi - Tel : 03 3468 1251

Mishuku Hospital

5-33-12 Kamimeguro - Tel : 03 3711 5771

National Hospital Org. Tokyo Medical Center

2-5-1 Higashigaoka - Tel : 03-3411-011 

Tokyo Kyosai Hospital 

2-3-8 Nakameguro - Tel : 03 3712 3151

Kousei Chuo General Hospital

1-11-7 Mita - Tel : 03-3713 2141

Meguro Hospital

2-12-6 Chuocho - Tel : 03-3711 5641 

Himonya Hospital

2-9-7 Minami - Tel: 03 3723 1515 

Nissenkai Daiichi Hospital

2-10-20 Nakane - Tel: 03 3718 7281 

Honda Hospital

1-30-5 Kakinokizaka - Tel: 03 3718 9731 



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Disaster prevention

Japan is a country prone to earthquakes.  Here are a few recommendations in case a major earthquake strikes:

  • Turn off all possible sources of fire (gas equipment, electric appliances, etc.)
  • Open a door or window to secure an exit. Do not rush outside in a panic.
  • Protect yourself by crawling under a sturdy table or desk or some other item of furniture.
  • Obtain accurate information from TV or radio.
  • Check on the safety of your neighbors and assist them if you can.
  • If you are outdoors, cover your head and watch out for falling glass from broken windows
Please check the following interactive map for all information about disaster prevention (shelters, evacuation areas, convenience stores, etc.) in your district.

For more information about disaster measures and prevention, please check this page.

For french citizens who live in Japan, a security network has been set up. Registration is automatic upon registration at French consulate. Find out about the contact point in your district on this page.