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LiMMS is an international research unit on MEMS and NEMS (Micro- and Nano-Electro-Mechanical Systems) operated in joint names of France, CNRS - Institut des sciences de l'ingenierie et des Systemes INSIS, and Japan, Institute of Industrial Science (IIS), The University of Tokyo.


LiMMS is located on Komaba Campus (II), in Tokyo. Our Research activities are focused on 3 main fields related to micro- and nano- technologies: Bio MEMS, Nanotechnologies, Advanced MEMS. 

Since 2016, LIMMS has highlighted 4 general fields of applications of these technologies by propose specific research axis : Integrative Bioengineering, bioMEMS for translational research, Energy and Smart Sensors in society. 



Institute of Industrial Science


BNR #60 - Pr. Hiroyuki FUJITA

From Wow to Work: Success Cycles in LIMMS Collaboration

BNR booklet on line

Prof. Tsuyoshi MINAMI (IIS, The University of Tokyo)-Friday Sept 15th , 2017 - AM10:00-Bw403

Applied Supramolecular Chemistry: Exploratory Research Toward Practical Applications in Molecular Sensors.
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EUJO-LIMMS Call for partner - step 1 Open Now - Deadline : August 31st,2013

EUJO-LIMMS is opening to a 4th partner in 2014 and is therefore launching a call for ONE additional partner in two steps. The first step is a call for expressions of interest open now with a deadline on August 31st, 2013. We are offering the potential partner to become a member of our consortium and benefit from an EU grant of 200.000 euros for mobility and personnel costs in order to pursue joint projects at LIMMS in Tokyo. The new partner may have one or several research teams involved in the cooperation with LIMMS.

Workshop on Bio-Inspired Processes, Feb. 4-6, 2013, Tokyo

The LIMMS, NanoScience-france and the French Embassy are co-organizing a workshop on bioinspired processes, to be held february 4-6, 2013 in Tokyo. This workshop will bring together a large spectrum of scientists and provide an extensive overview of the very active field of bioinspired science. The presentations will introduce discussion on different themes: the combination of molecular programming and compartmentalization schemes to design hierarchical modularity, DNA Origamis & Vesicles or Cells, ...

Hunted becomes the hunter in DNA ecosystem

Teruo Fujii and Yannick Rondelez at the University of Tokyo, Japan, have been working on chemical oscillators that can create a simple circuit – the product of a reaction feeding back and affecting that one or subsequent reactions. Rondelez explains that many physical situations, from chemical dynamics to ecosystems, can be described by similar mathematics. ‘While the analogy between chemical and biological systems does not need a huge mental stretch,’ he says, ‘I thought it would be nice to put the finger on the one between chemical networks and ecological ones.’ ...

First EUJO-LIMMS Winter School

The first EUJO-LIMMS Winter School took place from December 7 to December 14, 2012. Seven undergraduate students went to Europe and participated in laboratory activities at IMTEK (Germany) and EPFL (Switzerland).

Info Day at EPFL

Photos of the event

EUJO-LIMMS Information Day - December 12,2012 - Lausanne (Switzerland)

On December 12, 2012, EUJO-LIMMS will organize its first Information Day at Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, in Switzerland. EUJO-LIMMS project results as well as emerging scientific challenges and future collaborations will be presented. To participate in the event, please email your name, affiliation, and position by November 30, 2012 to Nathalie Frances, EUJO-LIMMS project manager:
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Open Positions

Post doctoral on electronic

Thermionic cooling and needles patch biosensors. April 2019, in Tokyo.

Post doctoral on biology

Thermionic cooling and needles patch biosensors. April 2019, in Tokyo.

PhD project in SMMIL-E

SMMIL-E opens a PhD project starting in september/october 2017. The project will aim to use microsystems to analyze and isolate small population of Leukemia cells with physical phenotype. phenotype
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