October 25, 2013 EUJO-LIMMS WORKSHOP : Opening LIMMS to a 4th European partner


EUJO-LIMMS is opening up to a 4th partner in 2014 and is therefore launching a call for ONE additional partner to join the consortium. We are offering the potential partner to build an active collaboration in Micro and Nanosystems with the Institute of Industrial Science of the University of Tokyo by:

- defining and developing a joint project combining its expertise to that of LIMMS

- having one or more of its researchers hosted in Tokyo for a long stay to develop and complete the selected joint project

- establishing an interaction with the EUJO-LIMMS consortium for an extended collaboration plan

- becoming an actor of long lasting international collaborative actions between Japan and Europe

The new partner will become a member of our consortium and benefit from an EU grant of 200.000 euros for mobility and personnel costs in order to pursue joint projects at LIMMS in Tokyo. The new partner may have one or several research teams involved in the cooperation with LIMMS. More information

As part of the call for a 4th partner, EUJO-LIMMS, in cooperation with the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Core-to-core program, organizes a

logo_IMTEK.jpgNetworking Workshop at the University of Freiburg, Department of Microsystems Engineering (IMTEK) in Freiburg (Germany)

on October 25, 2013

Venue : University of Freiburg, Department of Microsystems Engineering IMTEK - Lecture Hall Building 082 Georges Koehler - Allee 082 D-79110 Freiburg, Germany

EUJO-LIMMS cooperation opportunities as well as emerging scientific challenges will be presented. Participants can meet UT-IIS Professors and prepare an application to the call.

To participate in the event, please send the registration form by October 17, 2013 to frances@iis.u-tokyo.ac.jp. If you would like to schedule an appointment with one or several UT-IIS Professor(s) during the research fair, please mention it when registering.



Venue : University of Freiburg, Department of Microsystems Engineering IMTEK - Lecture Hall Building 082 Georges Koehler - Allee 082 D-79770 Freiburg, Germany

8:00 Registration

8:45 Welcome address

9:15-10:45 Introduction to EUJO-LIMMS

11:00-12:00 EUJO-LIMMS research Session 1: BioMEMS

12:00-12:15 New scientific challenge at UT-IIS

12:20-14:00 Poster session and lunch

14:00-15:00 EUJO-LIMMS research Session 2 : Avanced MEMS/NEMS

15:00-16:00 EUJO-LIMMS research Session 3 : NanoTech

16:00-17:45 Research fair - project building

17:45 Closing remarks and adjournment

18:00 Reception

Appointments can be made with one of the UT-IIS Professors. Ask for an appointment in the Registration form