Workshop on

BioMEMS and Cancer

- Structuration with CPER Cancer -  

Thursday, December 17th, 2015, 9:00 - 17:00

Institut de Biologie de Lille, Campus Pasteur - 1, rue du Professeur Calmette Lille, France


Workshop on BioMEMS and Cancer - Thursday, December 17th, 2015

The SMMIL-E project aims at expanding the BioMEMS activities performed in IIS/The University of Tokyo and LIMMS/CNRS-IIS towards the research against cancer conducted in Lille. The convergence of BioMEMS with a comprehensive research against Cancer opens a promising scientific investigation domain especially as the research against cancer pursued in Lille was endorsed by the National Cancer under the SIRIC ONCOLille program and more recently as the CPER “cancer” has been selected as a top priority in Lille. To push further ahead the SMMiL-E Project in the frame of the CPER “cancer”, this worshop aims to bring biologists, physicists, SHS researchers, clinicians and engineering science researchers together to exchange on future new projects involving BioMEMS technologies with Japanese and French colleagues.

This workshop is open to all colleagues interested in BioMEMS as a new technology opportunity and for development in their activities. The workshop is planned on 2 phases:

- Morning, state of the art in BioMEMS will be presented by IIS The University of Tokyo, CNRS, IEMN, CEA/LETI.

- Lunch and afternoon: Project building around posters prepared by biologists, clinicians, SHS researchers

- End of afternoon: discussion, restitution

Please register your participation by December 7th, 2015 here. (CLOSED : please contact assist(at)limms.iis.u-tokyo.ac.jp for any request)





Registration and welcome coffee


Opening session and workshop strategy


Session 1: Bio-MEMS: an introduction, molecules and cells


Introduction of MEMS and BioMEMS by Pr. Hiroyuki Fujita (30 min.)

Biomolecular Integration in MEMS by Dr. Cagatay Tarhan (20 min.)

Microfluidic and Cell Manipulation by Dr. Shohei Kaneda (20 min.)

Microvascular Chip for Angiogenesis Study by Pr Yukiko Matsunaga (20 min.)

10: 45 Coffee break

Session 2: Bio-MEMS opportunities


BioMEMS Opportunities with IEMN Dr. Vincent Senez (20 min.)

BioMEMS Platform Development by Dr. Momoko Kumemura (10 min.)


Session 3: MEMS towards clinical research


Examples of Clinical Projects and BioMEMS at CEA, by Dr. Vincent Agache (30 min.)

Physiological Tissue Model on a Chip by Dr. Eric Leclerc (20 min.)

Tissue formation by adherent cells encapsulated within microfibers by Pr. Teru Okitsu (15 min.)

12:35 Buffet Lunch and Poster session

Session 4: Multidisciplinary approach of BioMEMS applications 


Emotional and Cognitive Aspects of BioMEMS Application in Patients with Cancer by Pr. Delphine Grynberg (15 min.)

Application of MEMS Based Devices in Biology by Pr. Stan Karsten (10 min.)

Translational Research Implementing BioMEMS for Oncology by Pr. Teru Okitsu and Pr. Eric Leblanc (10 min.)

14:30 Poster session
16:00 Group restitution
~17:00 Adjourn
 19:30 Dinner (Trois Brasseurs) - 22 Place de la Gare, Lille




ADDRESS Institut de Biologie de Lille, Campus Pasteur - 1, rue du Professeur Calmette 59021, Lille, France


HOTELS near venue http://www.ibl.fr/spip.php?article1

ORGANISERS Roland Bourette - Dominique Collard

CPER Cancer coordinators Yvan de Launoit - Bruno Quesnel - Dominique Collard

Contact assist(at)limms.iis.u-tokyo.ac.jp


Institut de Biologie de Lille - Campus Pasteur

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