Administrative paperwork awaits you upon your arrival in Tokyo. You will first need to get your Resident card at the airport. This will be your second ID, as important as your passport in Japan. This will allow you to obtain the following items : National Heal Insurance Card, Bank Account, and then the rental contract for your apartment.

Resident Card Issuance

A resident Card is issued to persons residing in Japan who have been granted a status of residence with a period of stay of more than three months. It is not issued to those who were granted permission to stay for 3 months or less, or to persons with “Temporary Visitor” status.

Notification of a new address

Those who have received a resident card at a port of entry are asked to visit the ward office where they live with their resident card within 14 days of finding a place to settle down. (Check list)

National Health Insurance

If you stay more than 3 months, you are required to join the National Health Insurance (Kokumin Kenko Hoken). When you go to a ward office for your new address registration, please file an application for the insurance as well. 

Your Embassy : contact and consular registration

It is not compulsory to register at your Embassy but recommended. Being registered will grant you access to information related to your country in Japan, consular services, but also security information. Being registered at your embassy is indeed important in case of an earthquake or any other event.

French Embassy

4-11-44 Minami-Azabu
Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-8514
In case of emergency (emergency only) - Tel :03 5798 6199

Embassy of Switzerland

5 -9 -12 Minami-Azabu 
Tokyo 106-8589 Japan 
Tel.: +81 (0)3 5449 8400

Embassy of Germany

4-5-10 Minami-Azabu 
Minato-ku106-0047 Tokyo 
Tel: +0081-357-917700

Embassy of Finland

3-5-39, Minami-Azabu, Minato-ku
Tokyo 106-8561
Tel. +81-3-5447 6000



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