LIMMS researchers stay for about two years on average. We now expect increasing numbers and different types of short-term stays for researchers from various countries through the EUJO-LIMMS program. We strongly suggest following the standard procedure described in the following section.

LIMMS/EUJO-LIMMS Hosting Procedure

The figure below illustrates the flow-chart of the standard LIMMS/EUJO-LIMMS hosting procedure between LIMMS/EUJO-LIMMS Researcher and LIMMS Office, IIS Host Faculty,

+ for EUJO-LIMMS : Project Coordinator & European Project Manager, Scientific Work Package Leaders. 

Necessary contacts can be provided by LIMMS Office : assist (at)


①      Those who are interested in joining LIMMS or EUJO-LIMMS are advised to visit the Institute of Industrial Science-The University of Tokyo, to assess the research capacities and matching possibilities with the potential host faculty.

②      Find your potential partner, a LIMMS/EUJO-LIMMS member lab, and offer your research plan to him/her to agree on the joint project. For EUJO-LIMMS, the agreement from the Work Package Leader is necessary. Contacts are provided by LIMMS Office.

③      Propose your research plan to the LIMMS Direction/EUJO-LIMMS Coordinators to get written agreement.

④      Inform the LIMMS Office of the above mentioned official agreement; that will allow LIMMS Office  to start the official administration tasks.

⑤      The LIMMS Office will work together to obtain your visa. More details on visa categories.

⑥      Submit all material to the LIMMS Office as soon as possible to get the Certificate of Eligibility (COE), document issued by the Immigration Bureau and required to apply for a visa. 

        • A copy of your passport *1st page with photo
        • Your CV in English
        • A certificate for your latest Diploma
        • 1 electronic file of your ID picture
        • A formal letter from your institute stating clearly:
                                                                                                               - the support amount for living expenses during your stay in Japan
                                                                                                               - Name of the project : EUJO-LIMMS if you come within the framework of the EU project
                                                                                                               - Place of Work : LIMMS/CNRS-IIS (UMI2820) - 4-6-1, Komaba, Meguro-ku, TOKYO, JAPAN
                                                                                                               - Duration of your stay 


⑦     Submit extra documents to the LIMMS Office to prepare for your temporary housing (before making an apartment rental contract). You may need to sign an agreement form of the IIS. 

⑧      LIMMS Office will send you the final version of COE. Bring it with your passport to your local Embassy of Japan to get a visa. The processing period is around 5 working days.



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