Finding long term accommodation

Understanding rental adverts

Studio = one single room including a kitchen + one usually separate bathroom and toilet
T1 = one main room, a separate kitchen, one bathroom and toilet
T2 = one main room, kitchen, bathroom, + 1 Bedroom
T3 = one main room, kitchen, bathroom, +2 Bedrooms

The rent (in french: LOYER) appears this way :

xxx EUROS HC Hors Charges (water and main charges not included)

or CC or TCC Toutes Charges Comprises (all included).

Electricity is usually not included in these charges.

When entering you will pay :

- a deposit (1 Month rent),

- one month agency fee (Honoraires) if you went through an agency to find your apartment.


Eligibility to rent and documents to be provided:

If you have a permanent work contact:

 - passport copy and-or residence permit,

- contract and last 3 paychecks, or certificate including salary information

- if no certificate is available, a french guarantor : his/her income tax certificate and ID


If you are a student or have a temporary work contract:

 - passport copy and-or residence permit,

- name of a french guarantor, his/her income tax certificate or last 3 paychecks, and ID