Going to France with LIMMS



As a visiting researcher or student

You will keep your employment or status at the University of Tokyo or other employer in Japan, and will be hosted by LIMMS Lille. Depending on your case, you may receive travel costs coverage.

If you are conducting research in France, you need to apply for a visa to perform experiments.


As a PhD student

you will need to be registered at the University in France every year, and will conduct your research at LIMMS, Lille site. The University year starts in September-October and ends in May-June. Registration is available from June-July each year to start in Sept-October. This registration needs to be anticipated as much as possible for foreigners since a number of formalities are necessary to obtain french identification and certified documents.

Most common documents required by french services:

- Diplomas and a certified translation,

- Transcripts and a certified translation,

- Copy of personal work (thesis etc.),

- Official birth certificate and a certified translation,

- Grant certificate

- Passport, visa (see VISA part.)

- Recommendation letter, cover letter


As a researcher hired by a French employer

You will receive a french contract by CNRS or any other french employer, and receive a salary in euros.

To check all items included in the salary, please check the following translation in English of a CNRS pay check:


Most common documents required by french services to establish a contract:

- Diplomas and translation if not english or french,

- Work contracts, and translation if not english or french,

- Official birth certificate and a certified translation,

- Passport, visa (see VISA part.), residence permit

- Recommendation letter, cover letter



Website of the French Embassy in Japan : http://www.ambafrance-jp.org/-Japonais-


Depending on your nationality, you may not need a visa to enter and stay in France for 90 days. This is the case for Japan.

If you are from a nationality for which you need a short stay visa, you need to apply for short stay scientist-researcher visa.



1. The French host institute will complete a hosting agreement,

2. The French host institute will send it to the local authority (Prefecture) for approval,

3. Once you receive the signed hosting agreement, you can go to the French Embassy and apply for a long stay visa for scientists-researchers.

4. Upon arriving in France you will go to the local authority Prefecture, and request a residence permit.

The family will receive the same visa and residence permit as the researcher. Ref. CESEDA L313-11 5°