Mehmet Cagatay TARHAN, Dr.

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Position in LIMMS EUJO-LIMMS Researcher (UT-IIS)
Main Research Topic in LIMMS

Advanced-MEMSIntegrating silicon nanotweezers with microfluidics for biomechanical characterization of macromolecules


 Microfluidics, nanotweezers, macromolecules, biosensing

Contact LIMMS/CNRS-IIS (UMI 2820)
Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo, 4-6-1 Komaba, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-8505, Japan
Phone:+81 (0)3 5452 6036 / Fax:+81 (0)3 5452 6088
E-mail mctarhan at
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Research Projects in Limms

1- Integrating silicon nanotweezers with microfluidics for biomechanical characterization of macromolecules
Context :
Performing bioassays with mechanical actuators often suffer from a trade-off between actuation performance and bioassay compatibility. Optimal performance of actuators prevents them from working in liquid. However, majority of biological experiments take place in liquid. MEMS technology provides mechanical actuations with electrical readouts showing supreme merits for characterizing mechanical properties of biomolecules. Therefore, a new kind of microfluidic approach should be developed to perform in-liquid biological experiments without compromising the optimal in-air performance of MEMS actuators.
Objectives & Methods :
This work aims at developing a microfluidic system for silicon nano tweezers (SNT) to perform rapid routine test for mechanical properties of macromolecules such as DNA and microtubules. Proposed system provides the necessary platform to test multiple solutions on the same molecular bundle captured between SNT tips. To achieve this goal, a microfluidic device with a microchannel was fabricated. In addition to an inlet and an outlet, the channel had an additional opening at the side for SNT tips to enter inside. Due to the dimensions and the materials, the opening was stable throughout the experiments.
Results :
Measurements performed with bare SNTs indicated the high-stability performance of the system. Long-term measurements (>10 hours) were successfully performed without compromising the stability. Similarly, repeated exchange of the liquid inside the channel was succeeded. For demonstration purposes, the system was used to test mechanical properties of macromolecules using DNA bundles. Stiffness and viscos losses of the bundles were tested using solutions with different pH levels. Considering the fast preparation and measurement time, the results showed that the proposed system could be used as a real-time routine test to investigate the mechanical properties of biomacromolecules.


Fig. 1 Schematic view of the proposed setup integrating SNT and microfluidics.



 Fig. 2 An image showing the tips of SNT entering into the microchannel.

 References :
[1] M. C. Tarhan, et al., MicroTAS’12, pp. 1897, 2012.

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Main publication List (papers, conferences and patent)


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