In LIMMS, our research activities are concentrated on three main technologies fields, relating on micro- and nanotechnologies: BIO-MEMS, NANOTECH (Nanotechnology and Nanobiotechnology), ADVANCED MEMS/NEMS.

Through these three fields, we are investigating in solutions to overcome technical challenges by identifying and translating technologies from one field to solve problems in another.

These activities encompass technology developments in fabrication of micro- and nano-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS and NEMS), miniaturized total analysis systems (microTAS), bio-chip, tissue engineering, microfluidics, micromanipulation, smart and distributed MEMS, biosensors, and scanning probe data storage (AFM, STM).

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BIO-MEMS : Former Projects


2009-2010 icon_pdf.gif "2009-2010 BioMEMS All projects"
2008-2009 icon_pdf.gif "Microchamber arrays for Observation and Characterization of in vitro Translation"
icon_pdf.gif "Microarray of Planar Bilayer Lipid Membranes for Electrophysiological Study of Transmembrane Proteins"
icon_pdf.gif ":Development of GPCR biochips"
icon_pdf.gif "Biochip for the parallel monitoring of ion channels"
icon_pdf.gif "Kinesin-based molecular motors for cargo transportation in nanotechnology"
icon_pdf.gif "Controlling the deposition patterns of microtubules on a surface through self-assembly or fluid flows generated by substrate integrated micro-electrodes arrays."
icon_pdf.gif "Liver Derived Cells Culture on Three-dimensional (3D) Micropatterned Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) Surfaces"
icon_pdf.gif "Micro thermo-device for real time biological experiments within millisecond time scale"
icon_pdf.gif "Effects of oxygen supply, oxygen concentration and collagen coating on the culture and functions of rat fetal liver cells"
icon_pdf.gif "Biosensing platform for the monitoring of a small population of cells."
icon_pdf.gif "Controlled 3D-patterning of alginate beads-contained liver cells in a confined microfluidic device."
icon_pdf.gif "Microfluidic Biochip for the electrochemical cell activity analysis"
Cell Chips
PDMS Microfluidic Device for Sensing Dynamic Response of Cells and Tissues
Tissue engineering
Cell culture/ Tissue Engineering in 3D microbioreactors
Microdevice for biology
Kinesin-based molecular motors for cargo transportation in nanotechnology
Probing and using the dielectric properties of microtubules within Microsystems integrating microelectrodes
Microarray of Planar Bilayer Lipid Membranes for Electrophysiological Study of Transmembrane Proteins


Previous Projects

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NANOTECH : Former Projects


2009-2010 icon_pdf.gif "2009-2010 Nanotech All Projects"
2008-2009 icon_pdf.gif "Temperature-dependent properties of nanowire with real-time nanostructure observation in UHV-TEM."
icon_pdf.gif "Liquid AFM for biological applications"
icon_pdf.gif "Integrated Nano electromechanical Systems for Single molecule (DNA) trapping and characterisation."
icon_pdf.gif "Advanced Applications of Nanowires and Nanoporous Membranes"
icon_pdf.gif "High spatial resolution surface temperature mapping using fluorescent thermometry."
High-Density InAs Quantum Dots for Lasers
A nano-cantilever TEM-AFM for in-situ measurement
Small amplitude DFM
O2 adsorption on Si(111)-c(2x8)
Nanodevice for biology
Integrated Nano Electromechanical System for Single Molecule (DNA) Trapping and Characterisation
Nano Devices for High-Speed, Localized Temperature Control in Single Molecule Studies
Combing and self-assembly of biosamples
DNA-templated self-assembly of nanocrystals
Adsorption and combing of DNA on HOPG surfaces
Combing and self-assembly of microtubules
Advanced functional Nanostructures
HOPG resonators- New carbon nanostructures
FIB created self-oriented ripples
Scanning Probe Microscopy


Previous Projects

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Advanced-MEMS : Former Projects


2009-2010 icon_pdf.gif "2009-2010 Advanced MEMS All projects"
2008-2009 icon_pdf.gif "Non invasive electromagnetic-based sensor for biological detection"
icon_pdf.gif "Integration of Reconfigurable Metamaterial-based Microwave Circuits on Silicon"
icon_pdf.gif "Bistable nanowire memory device"
icon_pdf.gif "Wood Pulp-based Composite Material Development for Flexible, Ultra-lightweight and Biodegradable Sensor Devices"
Smart Microdevice
Autonomous Distributed MEMS for Micro-Smart Structure (on-going since 2002)
RF Nanodevice
Design and Fabrication of enhanced RF-MEMS based microwave circuits
Field emission from lateral silicon micro tip for detection of micromechanical resonators
Data Storage Device
Bistable nanomechanical beams for data storage
MEMS self-assembly
Stiction and capillary force assisted self-assembly of microcantilevers


Previous Projects (before 2008)

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