Combing and self-assembly of microtubules


  • Contact Researcher: Fabrice MORIN, Dr. - Franck ROSE, Dr. - Pascal MARTIN, Dr.
  • Hosted LIMMS Japanese Laboratory: Kawakatsu Lab --- Micro Components and Systems

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Microtubules are filamentous proteins that act a substrate for the translocation of motor proteins. As such, they may be envisioned as a scaffold for the self-assembly of functional materials and devices. Physisorption, self-organization and combing are here investigated to serve as a technological basis for microtubule-templated self-assembly. Dense films of self-organized microtubules were successfully produced, as well as patterns of both dendritic and non-dendritic bundles of microtubules. They are presented in the present paper and the mechanism of their formation is discussed.

Report(s) and Publication(s)

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Combing and self-assembly phenomena in dry films of Taxol-stabilized microtubules, Fabrice O. Morin; Franck Rose, Pascal Martin, Mehmet C. Tarhan, Hideki Kawakatsu, and Hiroyuki Fujita, Submitted.