DNA-templated self-assembly of nanocrystals


  • Contact Researcher: Franck ROSE, Dr. - Pascal MARTIN, Dr.
  • Hosted LIMMS Japanese Laboratory: Kawakatsu Lab --- Micro Components and Systems

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We report the DNA-templated self-assembly of NaCl nanocrystals, and demonstrate particularly the feasibility of DNA-templated fractal self-assembly. DNA scaffoldings were prepared by incubating, dragging, and blotting droplets of Tris-NaCl-DNA solutions onto HOPG substrates. AFM observations revealed that nanocrystals self-assemble into chains along combed DNA scaffoldings, and into dendrimer-like patterns onto branched DNA scaffoldings. For higher DNA surface coverages (> 50 %), NaCl nanocrystals self-assemble into dendritic-like fractal structures onto DNA networks scaffoldings and DNA films scaffoldings. Moreover, the synthesis of fractal salt structures was found to be dependent on the presence of DNA templates.

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DNA-templated fractal self-assembly and directed synthesis of NaCl nanocrystals Franck Rose, Pascal Martin, and Hideki Kawakatsu, Submitted.