HOPG resonators- New carbon nanostructures


  • Contact Researcher: Franck ROSE, Dr. - Pascal MARTIN, Dr.
  • Hosted LIMMS Japanese Laboratory: Kawakatsu Lab --- Micro Components and Systems

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Suspended HOPG nanosheets (10 to 300 nm thick) were created by direct mechanical cleavage of a bulk HOPG crystal onto silicon micropillars and microtracks. We show that suspended HOPG nanosheets can be used to engineer HOPG nanoresonators such as membranes, bridges, and cantilevers as thin as 28 carbon atom layers. We measured by Doppler laser heterodyne interferometry that the discrete vibration modes of an HOPG nanosheet membrane lie in the MHz frequency regime. Moreover, a new carbon nanostructure, named nanolace was synthesized by focused ion beam (FIB) sputtering of suspended HOPG nanosheets. Graphite nanosheets suspended on micropillars were eroded by FIB to create self-oriented pseudo-periodical ripples. Additional sputtering and subsequent milling of theses ripples led to the formation of honeycomb-like shaped nanolaces suspended and linked by ribbons.

Report(s) and Publication(s)

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F.Rose, A.Debray, P.Martin, H.Fujita, and H.Kawakatsu, "Suspended HOPG nanosheets for HOPG nanoresonators engineering and new carbon nanostructures synthesis", Submitted (2006).