BNR #49 by Pr. Philippe CINQUIN (TIMC-IMAG, France), Jul. 4th @ PM5:00 - E-lounge

Title: From Computer Assisted Medical Inverventions to Energetically Autonomous Implanted Medical


The medical objective of “Computer Assisted Medical Interventions” (CAMI) is to perform previously defined operative strategies more accurately and less invasively by use of guiding systems under intra-operative sensor surveillance. Since the first efforts in CAMI, a major issue has been to bring Information Technology (computers, navigation devices, robots, …) in the Operating Room, and to use them to enhance a specific component of a complex medical or surgical intervention. The challenge now is to “invert this movement”: instead of moving the computer in the Operating Room, we should embed the surgeon (or at least his or her expertise) into the tools he or she uses, exploiting the possibilities of micro-nano-technologies combined with real-time information processing. 

The objective of augmentation of the Quality of interventional procedures can be achieved by “augmenting thesurgeon”  (meaning augmenting his or her capacity of decision or of action, via efficient use of multimodal information and more efficient effectors). We will see which role micronanotechnologies may play in this vision, by their capacity to augment intra-operative sensors and effectors, and also by their application to the design of implanted robots capable to scavenge their energy from the glucose of the patient and to compensate for failure of physiological functions.