BNR #57 Dr. Shigeki Kawai (University Basel, PRESTO JST)

Dr. Shigeki Kawai

University of Basel, PRESTO JST

Since the first direct observation of the chemical structure of pentacene, atomic force microscopy (AFM) became a powerful tool for surface chemistry [1].The low reactivity and the tilting effect of a carbon monoxide tip, prepared at low temperature, allow us to image inner structures of molecules. Such direct observation is quite beneficial to identify conformations of molecules condensed by the hydrogen bonding and halogen bonding, and also synthesized by on-surface chemical reaction [2-5]. Further, we demonstrated a mechanical property measurement with a single conjugated molecular wire on an atomically defined surface, in which the effect of the commensurability and incommensurability can be seen, meaning an observation of structural superlubricity [6]. 


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