BNR #58 Pr Viasnoff (CNRS, Mechanobiology Institute, Singapore), 25th february 2016


Pr Viasnoff

Joint CNRS/NUS lab BioMechanics of cell contacts UMI 3639 MechanoBiology Institute at NUS, Singapore 

In this talk I will present our endeavor to understand the influence of the microenvironment onto cell-cell inter- actions. I will present our minimal organ approach that allows controlling in 3D individual mechanobiological parameters surrounding single cells or cell doublets. Turn- ing microdishes into controlled microniches, we show how the systematic changes of external signaling affect the cell to cell signaling. In this talk, I will detail the example of how the distribution of mechanical forces exerted by/on the cell affects the apico-basal polarity of individual cells. I will show how external stress polarizes adherens junction and directs the elongation of secretory lumen into tubes.