BNR #60 by Pr. Hiroyuki FUJITA (CIRMM- IIS-University of Tokyo) Nov. 10th 2017 @ PM 4:00 - Dw601

Prof. Hiroyuki Fujita

Centre for Interdisciplinary Research on Micro-Nano Methods,

Institute of Industrial Science, the University of Tokyo


From Wow to Work: Success Cycles in LIMMS Collaboration

During the 22 years of collaboration in LIMMS, I have witnessed successful research cycles starting from brilliant new ideas and completing with excellent demonstration results. The originality of the idea and timely matching with research trend are of course important for the success. But the key is the deep commitment of team members from different backgrounds to overcome difficulties until the maximum-impact results are finally achieved. My own experience on silicon nano tweezers, fLchambers and a MEMS in-TEM system will be discussed.

Looking back to the historical cycle will provide us with a vision for the future prospects of LIMMS and MEMS.

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