Technology Showcase from French Japanese joint research laboratories in Japan

Tokyo (Ichigaya),  JST Headquarters

Wednesday, June 15th, 2016




ž   CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique – French National Centre for Scientific Research)

ž   Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST)

   Embassy of France in Japan

ž   LIMMS/CNRS-IIS UMI 2820 Laboratory for Integrated Micro and Mechatronic Systems (IIS Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo)

Venue: JST Tokyo headquarters

Language: English / Japanese with simultaneous translation

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The French Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS) and Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) signed an agreement on comprehensive cooperation on October 6, 2014. CNRS and JST have had concluded a previous comprehensive agreement in 1999 and the new agreement is to promise an enhanced relationship between the two organizations.
Following their long-term relationship, the CNRS and JST policy aims to expand the research performed at the academic levels towards technological transfers responding to social demands. The convergence of French and Japanese academics with a common interest on industrial transfer opens promising scientific investigation domains especially in terms of the development of the innovation. In parallel, in the frame of the French year of innovation in Japan, collaborations between French and Japanese structures are encouraged.

Based on our relationship, The CNRS, JST, the LIMMS (Laboratory for Integrated Micro Mechatronic Systems) and the embassy of France in Japan will organize a technology showcase event. This will also be accredited as an ancillary event for the France - Japan Innovation Year

The goal of the event is two-fold:
(i) to open the French-Japanese joint laboratories of CNRS located in Japan to the French and Japanese companies
(ii) to introduce collaborative research groups either from industries either from academics or from academics and industries as potential models for French-Japanese collaborations.

The French-Japanese joint laboratories and their partners will present their academic advanced research programs and our recent innovations to the local eco system of industries. The purpose will be to develop collaborative research programs with high potential impact on innovation and to build new consortium between French-Japanese academics and French-Japanese industries.
In addition many technologies will be introduced in order to evaluate and assess gaps to market needs for direct transfer to industries and in order to gain attentions of local investors and start up incubators.

In parallel, some examples of existing collaboration between French and Japanese structures, either at the academic level, either at the industrial level, will illustrate these types of partnerships.

To push further ahead those ideas, this workshop aims at bringing French and Japanese scientists including biologists, physicists, chemists, engineering and computer science researchers together with academics, industrials, local investors and research program officers to exchange on future new projects involving advanced technologies with French and Japanese colleagues.

This workshop is open to all colleagues interested in industrial partnerships, start up development, academics collaborations as new technology developments and opportunities.

The workshop is organized in 4 sessions:

1- Advanced research topics and innovations in CNRS French Japanese joint laboratories will be presented by :

A) Laboratory for Integrated Micro Mechatronic Systems (LIMMS), joint laboratory between the CNRS and the Institute of Industrial Sciences (IIS) of the University of Tokyo,

B) Laboratory for Innovative Key Materials and Structures (LINK), joint laboratory between the CNRS, the National Institute for Material Science (NIMS) and Saint Gobain,

C) Joint Robotic Laboratory (JRL), joint laboratory between the CNRS and the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST),

D) Japanese French Laboratory for Informatics (JFLI), joint laboratory between the CNRS, the University of Tokyo, the Keio University, the National Institute of Informatics (N.I.I.), Universite Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC), L'Institut national de recherche en informatique et en automatique (INRIA),

E) Engineering Science Lyon Tohoku Laboratory for Material and Systems under Extreme Conditions (ELyTMAX), joint laboratory between the CNRS, the Tohoku University and the University of Lyon (U. Lyon)

F) Japanese French Laboratory for Next Generation of Photovoltaic Cells (NextPV), joint laboratory between the CNRS, the University of Tokyo and the University of Bordeaux
2- Presentation of examples of successful collaborations among French and Japanese joint structures in Japan
3- Private rooms are arranged for closed private discussions between academics and industrials
4- Networking discussions are expected by poster sequences along the day and by dedicated private meeting rooms availability




Opening Remarks from co-organizers 

  • M. Jacques Maleval, Embassy of France in Japan
  • Dr. Yoshiko Shirokizawa, JST

Introduction of CNRS laboratories System by Dr. Philippe Codognet, CNRS Office for Japan, Korea, Taiwan

  • Lightweight solar cells by Dr. Jean-François Guillemoles
  • High-efficiency concentrated photovoltaics and hydrogen related energy systems by Prof. Masakazu Sugiyama
  • Organic solar cells/ dye-sensitized solar cells by Prof. Satoshi Uchida - More information
13:35 Presentations on R&D outcomes from UMIs

“LINK International Academic Industrial Structure”
by Dr. Mari Kono and Dr. Fabien Grasset, LINK / CNRS-NIMS-Saint Gobain, Laboratory for Innovative Key Materials and Structures

  • Innovation and challenges, by Dr. Mari Kono
  • Synthesis and characterization of new nanocomposites materials based on metal atoms clusters, by Dr. Fabien Grasset
More information

”JRL / CNRS-AIST Joint Robotics Laboratory” by Dr. Abderrahmane Kheddar and Prof. Eiichi Yoshida

Human science

  • Dhaiba Works: virtual ergonomic assessment system by Dr. Yui Endo
  • Whole-body Motion Planning and Control for Humanoid Robots by Prof. Eiichi Yoshida
  • Robot physical contact interaction with human and environments by Dr. Abderrahmane Kheddar
Human-robot confluence
  • Human motion reproduction and device evaluation using humanoid by Dr. Ko Ayusawa
  • Developing future robots that understand human behaviors by Dr. Ganesh Gowrishankar
More information

“JFLI, Japanese-French laboratory for Informatics”
by Dr. Phong Nguyen, JFLI /CNRS-UTokyo, N.I.I., Keio University , UPMC, INRIA, Japanese-French Laboratory for Informatics,

  • Overview of JFLI, by Dr. Phong Nguyen
  • Next generation Internet, EU-JST Necoma and ANR Doctor projects by Dr. Romain Fontugne and Prof. Thomas Silverston
  • Next generation cryptography: quantum safe cryptography, lightweight cryptography and homomorphic encryption by Dr. Phong Nguyen
More information
 14:30 “ ELyTMAX, a Bridge between Japan and France in Material Science and Engineering”
by Prof. Ogawa Kazuhiro and Prof. Jean-Yves Cavaille, ELyTMAX / CNRS - Tohoku U. – U. Lyon, Engineering and science Lyon-Tohoku Laboratory
  • Materials Design are required and alloys development as design, by Prof. Tetsuo Shoji
  • Sintering of coating by cold spray technique, by Prof. Kazuhiro Ogawa
More information
 14:45 “LIMMS, Micro and Nano Devices for Advances MEMS, BioMEMS, and Nanotechnology”
by Prof. Hideki Kawakatsu and Dr.Eric Leclerc , LIMMS / CNRS- UTokyo-IIS , Laboratory for Integrated Micro and Mechatronic Systems
  • LIMMS general overview and operation, by Prof. Hideki Kawakatsu and Dr. Eric Leclerc
  • Atomic forces microscopy with chemical contrast, by Prof. Hideki Kawakatsu
  • High precision High payload nanometer positionner by Prof. Hideki Kawakatsu
  • MEMS in TEM, by Prof. Hiroyuki Fujita
  • Room temperature, high sensitivity terahertz detector using MEMS technology, by Prof. Kazuhiro Hirakawa
  • Organ on chip for predictive toxicology, by Dr. Eric Leclerc
  • Oxygen permeable microplates for aerobic cultures, by Prof. Yasuyuki Sakai
  • Dissoluble Microneedle patch for transdermal drug delivery systems, by Prof. Beomjoon Kim
  • Ion channel microchip for high throughput analyses by Dr. Yuya Morimoto
  • Cellular beads for formation of mm-cm tissues, by Dr. Yuya Morimoto
  • Core shell shape cellular fiber, by Dr. Yuya Morimoto
More information
15:10 Poster session & private discussions (foyer)

Presentation on typical Industrial and R&D programs from French- Japanese Joint research centers

 15:40 Whole-body manipulation for humanoid robots in constrained environment”
by Dr. Adrien Escande, Dr. Mitsuaru Morisawa, Dr. Jules Gueguen, Airbus Group / JRL joint program
  •  Using humanoid robots for manipulation tasks in aircraft manufacturing
More information
 15:55 “Nikon and Essilor International Joint Research Center (NEIJRC) Overview”
by President Katsuhiko Murakami, Nikon and Essilor International Joint Research Center
  • NEIJRC as a unique example of research partnership between French and Japanese optics industry
More information

“NIMS International Collaboration” by Prof. Yoshio Aoki

  • Industrial and Academic Collaboration Activities of NIMS
More information
 16:30 “Tribology Research Partnership between France and Japan”
by Prof. Kazue Kurihara and Dr. Ludovic Greverie, Collaboration between Michelin and Tohoku University
  • Michelin-ElyTMAX international collaboration
More information
 16:45 “SMMIL-E, a program of sharing biomedical MEMS technology between France and Japan”
by Prof. Hiroyuki Fujita, SMMILe
  • A framework for clinical research
More information
 17:00 Start-up Innovations in UMIs”
by Dr. Gregoire Perret/ Dr. Guillaume Gines
  • SENCET, Silicon Nano Tweezers for single cell electro-mechanical analysis, by Dr. Grégoire Perret
  • Advanced Detection for MicroRNA, by Dr. Guillaume Ginès - More information
17:15 - 17:50

Poster Session & Private Discussions (Foyer)

17:55 - 18:00 

Concluding Remarks

Prof. Philippe Codognet, CNRS Office for Japan, Korea, Taiwan
Prof. Hideki Kawakatsu, Dr. Eric Leclerc, LIMMS

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