LIMMS-Next PV Joint Energy Workshop

March 22, 2019.


Convention Hall (An Building)

IIS - University of Tokyo

13:00 – 18:00



Chair: Dr. Marc Bescond 

13:00-13:10  Opening: LIMMS-NextPV framework

Dr. Sebastian Volz(LIMMS Director) - Dr. Jean-François Guillemoles(IPVF Director-NextPV)


Session 1:Nanothermal management and energy conversion

13:10-13:35  Evaporative electron cooling in asymmetric double barrier semiconductor heterostructures

Prof. Kazuhiko Hirakawa(LIMMS-IIS, University of Tokyo)


13:35-14:00  Title TBA

Mr. Maxime Giteau(NextPV-RCAST, University of Tokyo)


14:00-14:25  Advanced heat flux control by phononic nanostructures

Prof. Masahiro Nomura (LIMMS-IIS, University of Tokyo)


14:25-14:50  Solar fuel production using III-V compound semiconductors

Prof. Masakazu Sugiyama (NextPV-RCAST, University of Tokyo)


14:50-15:50  Coffee break and poster session


Chair: Prof. Masahiro Nomura 

Session 2:Characterization of materials for PV applications

15:50-16:25  Absolute photoluminescence spectroscopy on intermediate band solar cells

Dr. Ryo Tamaki and Prof. Yoshitaka Okada (NextPV-RCAST, University of Tokyo)


16:25-16:50  Photo-assisted Scanning Probe Methods on Solar Cell Materials

Prof. Takuji Takahashi (LIMMS-IIS, University of Tokyo)


Session 3: PV microsystems for sensors

16:50-17:15  Colloidal quantum dot-based photovoltaics

Prof. Takaya Kubo (NextPV-RCAST, University of Tokyo)


17:15-17:40  Title TBA


Prof. Corinne Alonso (LAAS-NextPV, Université Toulouse III)


17:40         Closing  Prof. Beomjoon Kim (LIMMS Director)



Prof. Masahiro Nomura (IIS, The University of Tokyo): nomura at

Dr. Marc Bescond (CNRS, LIMMS-IIS, The University of Tokyo): bescond at

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