SMMIL-E Workshop on


BioMEMS technologies against Cancer


Dec. 15, 2016 


Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo - 4-6-1 Komaba Meguro Ku

Tokyo 153-8505 (Japan)

SMMIL-E Workshop on BioMEMS technologies against Cancer, Thursday December 15th

SMMIL-E (Seeding Microsystem in Medicine In Lille – European-Japanese Technologies against Cancer)


The SMMIL-E project aims at expanding the BioMEMS activities performed in IIS/The University of Tokyo and LIMMS/CNRS-IIS towards the research against cancer conducted in Lille. The convergence of BioMEMS with a comprehensive research against Cancer opens a promising scientific investigation domain especially as the research against cancer pursued in Lille was endorsed by the National Cancer Institute under the SIRIC ONCOLille program.

The SMMiL-E project is supported by CNRS, IIS/Tokyo, Centre Oscar Lambret and the University of Lille.  This program aims diffusing towards the main actors involved in the CPER Cancer, a top priority joint program of the new region Hauts de France with French state.

The purpose of this workshop is to review the current labelled projects, to survey the new opportunities and to have an updated view of the program framework (IIS/UTokyo, SIRIC ONCO-Lille, CPER) in which SMMiL-E develops. 

This workshop is open to all colleagues interested in BioMEMS as a new technology opportunity and for development in their activities towards medical applications. The workshop will be followed by the direction meeting and closed steering committee.


The format of the SMMiL-E day will be: 

  • 9:00- 15:45  The workshop with lunch (An 301-302)
  • 16:00 - 17:00 the director committee salle Jean-Jacques Gagnepain (video possible)
  • 17:00 - 18:30 The Steering commitee salle Jean-Jacques Gagnepain (video possible)
  • 18:30 Buffet

Please register your participation by December 5th, 2016 here. (please contact assist@limms.iis.u-tokyo.ac.jp for any request) 





Registration and welcome coffee (room An 301-302)


Opening session 


- Introduction speech by Pr.Teruo Fujii (IIS, General Director)

- Speech by Pr. Eric Lartigau (COL, General Director)

- Speech by Pr. Lionel Montagne (Vice-President for Research, Univ-Lille Science & Technology)


Session 1: SMMiL-E status


9:20 : SMMiL-E overview by Pr. Hiroyuki Fujita

9:30 : SMMiL-E implantation in Lille and CPER by Pr. Dominique Collard

9:40 : Presentation of the scientific direction by Dr. Eric Leblanc and Prof. Teru Okitsu

Session 2 : SMMiL-E scientific report


WP1 : Resistance in biomolecular mechanisms (1 project)


9:50 : Mechanical Nanotweezers (SNT) and Microfluidic Setup for the Direct Assay of DNA Damage by Therapeutic Radiation Beams. by Pr. Fabrizio Cleri and Dr. Momoko Kumemura


WP2 : Cellular evaluation and diagnosis (2 projects)


10:05 : CTC (circulating Cancer cell) detection in microfluidic format and biomechanical monitoring of  breast cancer stem cells. by Dr. Chann Lagadec


10:35 Coffee break (20min)

  WP3 : Cells interaction and therapeutic target (2 projects)

10:55 : In vitro microvasculature model for visualising cancer-related vascular diseases.  by Dr. Haruko Takahashi

11:10 : A physiologically relevant hierarchical coculture model for pancreatic cancer cells adhesion in the liver microvasculature. by Mr. Mathieu Danoy and Pr. Yasuyuki Sakai


WP4 : Biological adhesive and neo-tissues (1 project)


11:25 : Autologous Mesothelial cell-ladened hydrogel sheet for prevention of post-surgical abdominal adhesion. by Dr. Lucie Bresson and Dr. Feng Chai


Session 3 : Future direction with new opportunities


11:40 : Microsystems to analyze Blast Cell heterogeneity in Acute Myeloid Leukemia with Physical phenotype. by Dr. Thierry Idziorek

11:45 : Development of a microfluidic culture system to study tumor-stroma interaction and drug sensitivity of pancreatic adenocarcinoma. by Dr. Vincent Senez

11:50 : GlycoStem: Study of Cancer Stem cell transmigration in microfluidic environment. by Pr. Anthony Treizebre

11:55 : Micro spider mass: miniaturization of mass spectrometer for real time proteomic tumor profiling . by Dr. Manabu Ataka


Picture session


Lunch break (12:15 to 13:45)


Session 4 : Around SMMIL-E


13:45 : CIBIS Presentation : Center for International Research on Integrative Biomedical Systems. by Pr. Yasuyuki Sakai

14:05 : Siric ONCO-Lille and EURA-Sante : Updates by Pr. Eric Lartigau


14:25 Coffee break (15 min)

14:45 Poster session
15:45 Adjourn of the workshop
16:00 Direction meeting
17:00 Steering committee

18:30 : Buffet




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SMMiL-E Workshop in IIS, room An 301-302 (Tokyo)


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