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Innovations Liver Tissue Engineering



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  Scientific Policies

LIMMS was successfully associated to a Research Hospital University (RHU) project funded by the French investment for the future. iLite project for Innovations Liver Tissue Engineering aims at integrating macro and micro tissue engineering knowledge, innovations in vitro and in silico methods, to improve and propose solutions in liver therapy. iLite is the research project associated to the Hospital University Department (DHU) called Hepatinov dealing with liver therapy and innovations. The consortium of iLite groups 19 partners including the University of Tokyo through the LIMMS, 4 SMEs, 2 hospitals and a bio-construction nonprofit organization. The consortium bridges engineers, biologists, physicists, mathematicians and clinicians in a common framework. The project is divided in 8 workpages. LIMMS and IIS are involved in Liver on chip workpage, WP6, and the Safety/GMP/Industrialization workpage, WP8. 



Duration: 01/10/2016 to 30/09/2021

Budget: 28,1 ME including 8,5 ME from the French investment for the future program.

Coordination: Pr Jean Charles Duclos Vallee, Paris Saclay, Hepatinov 

LIMMS Principal investigators: E Leclerc, Y Sakai, T Fujii

Contact: E. LECLERC


  Project activity

For a period of 5 years, LIMMS and IIS researchers will develop innovative technologies for liver tissue engineering, liver drug screenings and liver clinical therapy applications. For that purpose microfluidic and BioMEMS technologies from LIMMS and IIS will be used to propose new operational and innovative mimicking models.

In 2016/2017, 10 researchers from IIS and LIMMS were involved in the project including members of Fujii lab and Sakai lab.


  WP6 LIMMS progress:

Satomi Matsumoto developed a oxygen gradient device for liver zonation investigation (poster here)

Myriam Lerreau Bernier worked on iPS hepatic differentiation on chip (poster here)

Bertrand David Segard investigated iPS culture on chip and zonation (poster here)

Yannick Tauran was involved in new differentiation protocol and is now developing 3D printing on chip techniques in collaboration with V Salles (poster here)

Eric Leclerc conducted research on transcriptomic profiling on chip (poster here)


  iLite LIMMS related Events

MoU signed in October 2016

Consortium agreement expect in June 2017

Invited lecture of Dr Cecile Legallais at LIMMS/CIRMM/CIBIS workshop in December 2016

Reception of Dr Cecile Legallais by IIS director General

Invited lecture of Pr Sakai in Hepatinov in France  

Visit of Pr Duclos Valle at IIS and reception by IIS director General in June 2017

Visit of the IIS director general, Pr Teruo Fujii, to UTC, Compiegne, on July 7th

Visit of UTC delegation to LIMMS and IIS on november 7th to 9th

Visit of Pr Okitsu to Hepatinov on November 14th

Visit of Pr Okitsu to UTC Compiegne on November 16th

Signature of consortium agreement on October 22nd 2017 

LIMMS-iLite Tokyo workshop at IIS on February 2nd 2018


   LIMMS-IIS iLite involved members


Contact: eleclerc@iis.u-tokyo.ac.jp 

 All information is on our website : http://limmshp.iis.u-tokyo.ac.jp/


iLite framework

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Project structure   

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LIMMS in iLite ongoing research


1. Pr Duclos Vallee highlighted his visit in LIMMS in Hepatinov framework

2. Seminar of Pr Duclos Vallee (Centre Hépato-Biliaire, Paul-Brousse Hospital, France), hepatologist in charge of iLite project  in France.

3. Interview of Myriam Lereau-Bernier, JSPS postdoctoral researcher hosted in Sakai Lab, published in the website of the University of Tokyo