Workshop on


BioMEMS and Cancer

SMMiL-E towards clinics:
Developments & Opportunities


Friday, December 13th, 2019, 8:5 - 17:40



Institut de Biologie de Lille, Campus Pasteur

1, rue du Professeur Calmette 59021, Lille, France







Overseas guests:

Pr. H. Fujita, Pr. Y. Ikeuchi, Pr. BJ Kim, Pr. SH Kim, 
Pr. M. Kumemura, Pr. T. Minami, Pr. T. Okitsu,  
Pr. M. Shinohara, Pr. S. Takeuchi,  Pr. S. Volz,



Please register your participation by December 1st, 2019 here.




December 13th, 2019  

Opening Session


Session 1: A general view to SMMiL-E

  • SMMiL-E 2019 by Dr. M. C. Tarhan, (10 min)
  • An overview of the achievements by Pr. T. Okitsu & Pr. E. Leblanc (10 min)

Session 2: Current scientific projects of SMMiL-E

  • WP1 : Angiogenesis and tumor metastasis by Dr. C. Lagadec, (15 min)
  • WP2 : Tumor cell detection by Pr. S.-H. Kim, (15 min)
  • WP3 : Tumor cell characterization by Pr. D. Collard, (15 min)
  • WP4 : Treatment evaluation by Dr. V. Senez, (15 min)
  • Emerging projects by Pr. M. Kumemura (15 min)

Coffee break


Session 3: Research activities around SMMiL-E

  • IIS technology highlights, by Pr. B. Kim & Pr. S. Volz, (20 min)
  • SMMiL-E's local collaborations

- Industrial collaboration

Bio Phar MEMS : Industrial collaboration of Smmil-e by Dr. F. Soncin, (15 min)

- Local academic collaboration:

Microfluidic single cell technology towards precision immunotherapies
by Dr. Y. Touil & Dr. C. Brinster, (15 min)

- Regional academic collaboration:
Biomimetic liver on chip including the liver sinusoid barrier by Dr. C. Legallais, (15 min)

- Clinical collaboration: DIPG-on-chip by Dr. S. Meignan, (10 min)

  • Developments at IEMN BioMEMS group by Dr. V. Thomy, (15 min)
  • The Interdisciplinary Cancer Institute of Lille by Dr. I. Van Seuninghen (15 min)
12:30 Buffet Lunch
13:30 Poster Session
14:30 Session 4: Towards future: BioMEMS opportunities
  • Technological seeds

-  Biohybrid sensors for highly sensitive and selective bio-molecule detection
by Pr. S. Takeuchi, (20 min)

Axon bundle tissues for modeling human nerves and cerebral tracts by Pr. Y. Ikeuchi, (20 min)

Supramolecular Sensors for the Detection of Carcinogens by Pr. T. Minami, (20 min)

-  Liver and pancreas tissue engineering for cancer research by Pr. M. Shinohara, (20 min)

 15:45  Pause + group photo (10min + 10min)
  • Clinical needs

-  tbd, by Pr. E. Lartigau, (15 min)

-  Our needs in (thoracic) oncology and potential collaborations,
by Pr. A. Scherpereel, (15 min)

-  tbd, by Dr. S. Mitra & Dr. S. Manier (15 min)

-  Procedure to start a clinical study by Dr. M.-C. Le Deley (15 min)

  • Future directions and open podium discussion by Pr. H. Fujita & Pr. D. Collard, (40 min)
 17:40  Closing Session
 Decemver 14th, 2019  

Optional technical tour to SMMiL-E facilities (limited access)   

12:00 Further discussion on possible collaboration




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